Job Seeker FAQs

How much does it cost to use Equine Elite to look for work?
Nothing! It is free!
How do I apply for work?

Click HERE!!!! to register yourself as a job seeker. Fill in your profile as fully as possible and include photos of you riding and your CV. If you see a vacancy you are interested in, you can apply directly to the employer using the contact details provided on the advert.

Will my current employer be notified I am looking for work?
If you have not told your current employer you are intending to leave, ensure your profile remains ‘Hidden’ by selecting the correct box on the ‘Candidate Dashboard’. Even if your profile is hidden, you can still browse jobs and contact employers directly.
How do I apply for jobs?
Once you have completed your Job Seeker profile, uploaded your CV and at least one photo of yourself. Browse the Job List and open up any jobs that interest you. If you feel you fit the requirements of the role, note down the contact details for the employer. Email them your CV, some photos of you riding (if riding is a requirement in the job) and a brief cover letter saying why you would be suitable for the role.
Will I need an interview?
Yes – this is up to you to arrange with the employer. It is a good opportunity for you to ask questions about the role and to meet your potential employers.
Will I need to provide references?
Yes –please include in your CV the contact details of a referee who is happy to be contacted.
Can I add a photo?
Yes – photos of you or some of of you riding you be ideal.
What happens once my application has been sent to an employer?
The employer will receive your application directly to their inbox. If they would like to take your application further, they will contact you directly. Equine Elite has no influence over selection of applicants for interview by employers.
Will I be paid properly in a role advertised through Equine Elite?
Here at Equine Elite, we do our best to ensure all vacancies advertised meet minimum requirements in terms of pay, hours and statutory holiday. However, it is also your responsibility to ensure this is being followed through upon acceptance of a new job and once you have started in a new position.
I want to leave my job – do I need to give notice to my employer?
Yes – it is essential to give your employer notice – we recommend four weeks. It is both impolite and unprofessional not to give notice and would make it difficult for us to recommend you to another employer.