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  • May 4, 2018
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Experienced and diligent mature hard working groom seeks challenging and varied role within the Dorset or Cheshire area of the UK

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I have 25 years + experience working with all kinds of horses from rescues, young stock,broodmares and riding horses to classically trained Lusitano studs and high end dressage horses. I am more than capable of handling all horses calmly and confidently as a groom and within my hoof trimming role. My standard of horse care and attention to detail is second to none I care for others horses be they riding school/trekking ponies or competition horses worth millions like they were my own, with the utmost care and dedication.

I am confident bathing, pulling, trimming and plaiting up and preparing for shows and am capable worming, lunging, long lining and ground work and starting youngsters introducing tack and desensitising .i am also apt at turning out tack to a high standard and all associated yard tasks. At events I am efficient and attentive preparing horses, keeping to deadlines and attending to riders needs.

With regards to riding I feel I am an empathetic rider with a good seat and core balance allowing the horse to work without impeding the movement. I am confident hacking and exercising horses out in the open. pictures and videos here

I primarily work my two horses on the flat concentrating on classical equitation and dressage. However I do pop the odd jump and grids at home, and would like to gain more experience and skills in this area learning from a more advanced rider. I have a keen interest in show jumping and eventing. I really am wanting to learn more in either of these disciplines as a groom and with my own horse whom ideally i could bring along if live in with horse is an option. I am a hard worker and fast learner, I listen attentively and practice hard when learning new tasks always striving to better my equestrian skills and knowledge. I also have office, admin, customer service and events organising, pa/secretarial experience with a BA Hons degree in Events management with a focus on sporting events organisation so would be happy and able to contribute in such areas also.

Current role - description

I am Currently Head Groom at a livery yard based in Wareham Dorset, caring for horses mostly at weekends and mid week exercising full livery horses and doing ground work, lunging , long lining and retraining those that have previously learnt that lunging is for running in circles. I pride myself on an ethical horse focused approach with the younger ones doing a lot of the work on a simple leather lunge cavesson to teach correct bend and giving to contact before ever adding any training aids. I feel my area of most interest and expertise is in groundwork with young horses, backing and instilling a good foundation of basics. However I feel I also ride quietly, clearly and empathetic enabling the horse to engage its core and develop top line, balance and coordination well. I also Groom for the livery yard owner and her team of three eventers whom last season has evented up to 2* , I exercise her horses from the ground and on the flat for her, hack them for fittening work and have sole care of them over weekends and holiday periods. Also attending competitions as groom with her and other grass roots riders on the yard.

I am also experienced teaching amateur and novice riders from my time working as lead rider at Studland trekking centre also schooling those horses to make sure they are always balanced, calm and beginner safe. In addition to 20 years horse care experience and my grooming roles I am also a fully qualified Diploma applied Equine podiatrist, specialising in rehabilitative hoof care without the use of shoes. In this self employed role I travel to customers at their yards, provide free hoof health assessments and if they choose to utilise the shoe-less hoof care service a plan of action to rehabilitate weak structures. I am looking to do more grooming and keep this as a part time role as after 7 years doing it i find it is very hard on the body and I would also like to be able to develop my own riding skills to partake in more equestrian competitions, as when travelling full time i found i had hardly any time for riding and self development and bringing my own horses on.

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