Saffron Loasby

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  • June 19, 2018
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I’m 22 and currently finishing a Master of Research in Equine Health and Welfare at Nottingham Trent University. Previously I graduated with a 1st in Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science (BSc) in 2017. As well as my passion for equine welfare I am looking to gain further hands on experience in all aspects of equine care and competition grooming. I own an 8 year old ex-race horse of which I am in the process of retraining for the show ring and dressage. I currently work on a livery yard and racehorse rehoming yard and have done so for 2 years as well as freelance grooming where possible. I have experience taking sole charge of the yard and with young racehorses. In addition, I have gained experience handling mares, foals and youngstock during volunteer work at a rescue yard. I work well in a team but also enjoy working from my own initiative, I have high turnout standards and take pride in my work.

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Groom at livery yard and racehorse rehoming yard

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