Paolo Piccirillo

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  • March 14, 2021
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I had a lot of experiences,groom in France,rider instructor in England,groom rider in Ireland,Instructor in Portogallo,groom rider instructor in Italy.

My age was 13 when I approached with horses and at 16 I made my debut In show.In 1985 i joined the Army until 1990 in the horses police where my big experiences was with joung horses 3/4 yold.I prepared a lot of difficult and y.horses .I went in Dublin for differents cross country stages.
A big commitment was in 2018 in Talland School of Equitation were i lived for 6 months were
i studied and trained for my BHS Exams.
When i come back in Italy i worked in a private stable as groom-rider- instructor but at the same time my goal its to go back in Uk as soon as possible.
In October 2019 i started my collaboration in Burley Villa School of Riding as groom,rider,instructor until July 2020 ,but with COVID situation the school shut!!!
In august 2020 i went in Dublin as groom/rider in a jumping stall until February 2021but my expectations were differents so i decided to close with this job.

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At this moment i m finding a new opportunity in UK


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