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  • March 11, 2021
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Reliable student with over 9 years of experience with horses

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I have had over 9 incredible years of experience, in which 6 of these years I spent volunteering at Holly Riding school I learned various important skills, including teamwork and relationship skills. I have worked closely with a wide range of people including children, adults and pensioners. From this I have developed self-management skills which have allowed me to work on my own initiative. My day-to-day duties include managing the numerous horses we have at the school, ensuring they are safe and healthy. Other duties include ensuring the children at the school are looked after and most importantly are having fun. Also, during this time I completed and passed 2 ABRS exams at Holly Riding School, during the age of 10. As I joined the weekend voluntary club, I would help with beginner riders, leading young children as well as teaching them the basics for horse care. From the ages of 15 to current time I have had various of amazing horses and ponies o loan, ranging from an Irish sports horse, appaloosa, Clydesdale and currently an unexperienced Friesian which I am bringing along nicely. This experience had given me a deep incite in to owning my own horse as there are some challenging days however this does not stop me from putting all my effort and heart into these animals. I am currently loaning at west farm livery, as well as this I am schooling up to six other horses on the yard voluntary to help the owners. Next month, over summer I am going to be caring for an 8-month-old warmblood Clydesdale filly, helping me gain further experience. My current role on the yard is schooling, hacking and lunging a 12-year-old Friesian, that I believe I have try changed for the better as 4 months ago she was nervous and ad little trust in anyone, now we have created an amazing bond.

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i am a confident and reliable sixth form student who is looking to start a career with horses once i have completed my a levels in August/September time.


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