Micaela van Dijk

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  • February 2, 2020
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South Africa
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Groom, Head Groom, Yard Manager, Working Pupil / Apprentice, Rider, Instructor, Work Rider, Stable Lad / Lass, Estate Manager
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Showjumping, Livery, Riding School, Endurance, Showing, Western, Stud
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I am Micaela van Dijk, a 20 year old confident female, dedicated hard worker, not afraid to get my hands dirty. I am loyal and reliable and will always give my best in anything I attempt, always prepared to go the extra mile.
I am outgoing, love working with people and a team player.
I love the outdoors and being around animals. I’m especially passionate about horses and always willing to learn more about the equine industry. I have patience with horses and it comes easily when working with humans to. Horses have triggers just as humans and having mutual respect and understanding for one another makes for a great team.
During my 2 year equine studies at REC Equestrian Academy I performed many part time duties to obtain experience and knowledge in various fields of the equine industry. It has always been my dream to work with horses.

Relevant experience

Full time student at the REC Equestrian Academy:

I finished my two year CATHSSETA Accredited Training in Equine Management and Equestrian skills at the REC Equestrian Academy:
• Level One First Aid Course
• Stable Groom Skills Program NQF Level 1
• Professional Groom Skills Program NQF Level 2
• Stable Master Skills Program NQF Level 3
• Commercial Equestrian Skills Program NQF Level 4
• Sport Horse Management Skills Program NQF Level 5

Lead Trail Guide and Groom at Boschendal Equestrian Trail Centre for REC Equestrian Academy:

As a single groom I looked after 20 horses. I had to groom, feed, ride and clean after them each day. I had to fix fencing and do general duties around the yard. The trail rides at Boschendal are mostly with overseas tourists. I had to interact with tourists, keep them save and guide them on horseback. I also had to entertain them and inform them about Boschendal farm. My duties included preparing the horses for the outrides for a maximum of 9 people at a time.

Stable Yard Manager/ Lead Trail Guide/Instructor at Boschendal Equestrian Trail Centre for REC Equestrian Academy:

Boschendal Equestrian Centre is a small yard with 20 horses, but yet it is a busy trail centre with constent visiting tourists. My duties included managing the yard and workers, insuring horse vaccinations where up to date, scheduled appointments with the farrier, problem solving, horse riding lessons, handling guest complaints, reconciliation of weekly financials. The trail centre is part of the REC Equestrain Academy and two times a week I had to train the first year students and schooled them around the horses. I took them on trail outrides to teach them the skills, safety standards and requirements to be a trail guide. I also had a few horse carriage driving lessons.

Current role - description

I am now currently working part time as a groom at Courchevel Equestrian Yard in Franschoek South Africa. This yard has over 30 horses and they mainly focus on saddle horses.

I want to expand my knowledge of Stud Management/farming and I personally think doing it practically is the best way.

I would love to work in South Africa my birth country, but am willing to move to any other destination should it be required.


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