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  • July 31, 2016
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I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies doing a level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management because I love being around horses and although it started off as a hobby, it has turned into a qualification that I have deeply enjoyed.
The reason that I enjoyed my studies on this course is because I am passionate about looking after horses and making sure that they are well looked after. By studying my level 3 course it has enabled me to gain knowledge on how to care for the horse and make sure that the duties which I perform are up to the standards required by the industry.
One of the units which I have enjoyed is Equine Behaviour, I love learning about the horse’s background, the welfare issues, how the horse has evolved and I would love to go into further depth on this subject.
Another unit which I studied during my first year of college was Equine Nutrition. I really enjoyed nutrition and I would like to gain a deeper knowledge of this subject as it is so important in the equine industry. Another module that I have thoroughly enjoyed is Event Management; this allows me to work as a team effectively and has given me hands on experience running an event.
In my spare time I enjoy showing my friends miniature horses because no-matter what placing I get in the competition, I always end up having a good time!
Another thing that I love to do in my spare time is go to the nursery which my step mum works at to help out, this helps me to improve on my communication skills, my teamwork skills and it also makes me a lot more confident.
During my time at High School I received several awards including outstanding performance and I also received individual awards for Maths, ICT, Science and English.
After High School I moved on to studying at Reaseheath College. Throughout my first year of college, one of the certificates which I received was a certificate of attendance in June 2013; I also received a Level 1 Award in safeguarding in a Learning environment. At Reaseheath College, I also received star awards for a number of reasons; firstly, in recognition of being awarded gold slips, secondly in recognition of going the extra mile and another for recognition in going the extra mile. An experience that I encountered at Reaseheath College was going to the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS). During my time at the Horse of the Year Show, I was given a lot of responsibilities and I also had to work very hard for at least fourteen hours every day, the longest day whilst we were there was eighteen hours. At this show we were required to work as a team in a professional environment to build fences which the professional show jumpers would go over.
In my second year of College me and three other students organised a miniature horse show which was very successful as we had over 100 competitors which made a profit of £1’055 which we then donated to St Luke’s Hospice.
Another one of my experiences whilst at Reaseheath College was going to Bolesworth Castle Horse Show; this again required me to work hard throughout the long day as a member of the arena party.
Even though going to both of these shows was hard work, I was able to meet some of the best show jumpers and I was able to prove to myself that I can work well in a team, work hard for long hours, it shows that I am responsible, friendly, professional and the main thing which I proved to myself is that I am a positive person and through the whole week, I was constantly happy and always had a smile on my face!
I have had over 10 years’ experience working with horses and by studying at Reaseheath College it has given me the knowledge and understanding needed to perform at high standards both practically and theory based.
During my degree I undertook modules such as Business management, Business finance and Marketing & Human resource management which would hep me in the business side of the industry.

Relevant experience

February 2010. Work Experience at Croft Riding Centre, Warrington. When I worked here, I had to look after all the horses and I was responsible for making sure that all of the horses were groomed, tacked up and ready for their lessons on time.

October 2012 and October 2013. Horse of the Year Show (HOYS). At HOYS, me and a group of students from Reaseheath College were working alongside Bob Ellis to make sure that the jump course for the horses was all set up on time.

June 2013. Bolesworth horse show. At Bolesworth, me and a group of students from Reaseheath College worked alongside top course builders in order to run a top class horse show.

April 2014. Work experience at Mary Marsh Equestrian centre. Here I was given the opportunity to work alongside top showjumping horses that had been to shows such as HOYS and here I worked on the yard and I was responsible making sure that everything was completed on time to a high standard.

March 2013 - Feb 2016. Warring Quasar. Part time job which has allowed me to gain confidence in the workplace and has also helped to improve my communication skills. Another skill which I have gained from working at Quasar is being more organised and efficient.

June 2015 - Present. Working on a quiet Livery Yard housing 60 horses. My role within the yard is to complete all yard duties such as turnout, muck out, feed, change rugs, also handling horses of different breeds and temperaments.

Current role - description

New House Farm.

Here I am a general groom which includes day to day yard duties such as mucking out, feeding, Turn-out, Bring in, rug up and general health checks of the horses.


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