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  • June 15, 2016
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I am a committed and ambitious person who has developed a love for the health and wellbeing of animals. As a graduate of two years in horse management and science, I have advanced my knowledge in helping and caring for livestock such as horses, donkeys, dogs and cattle. I have always had a love for animals since being young and have always wanted to work alongside them.
I have always been around horses since the age of 7 and since then I have owned 2 in my life. The first pony I owned was bought through a man who had over bred horses. When we bought him he was very young and quite tricky to handle. With the help of others, we bought him on to be a great show jumper who took me as far as he could. Unfortunately at 16 I had out grown him and had to move on to horses. In 2013 my parents bought me my first horse, a 5 year old irish sports horse, who I brought on to be an events horse. In the years of owning him we have a lot of ups and downs. In the space of owning him we have had experience of the physiotherapist, going backwards and forwards to a lameness expert, and having special medication needs.
Being around horses my whole life has made me become very ambitious about the needs of the animal. I want to further my career in the equestrian industry and gain more experience caring for the health and wellbeing of horses.

Relevant experience

Mathematics – C
English – B
Science – C

Pony club efficiency certificate – standard C

EQL Level 2 – the principles of riding horses on the highway

BTEC Level 3 – horse management

BHS Level 1
13th July 2015- 19th July 2015 Groom, Stable hand – Dairy Field stables Welbeck
During this work experience I handled ex race horses, and different livestock such as pigs, sheep and cows. Also whilst I was working here I did day to day jobs such as riding, mucking out, and handling the farrier and dentist. Another experience I had whilst working at this yard was bailing hay and straw ready for the winter. This was something I had never done before. I also cleaned tack and rugs and bathed all the horses.
10th August – 14th August 2015 Groom, Stable hand – Brackenhurst, Southwell
During this work experience I handled different types of horses from youngsters to ill horses. I witnessed a vetting that took place on a horse that suffered really bad colic. I also hacked, schooled and jumped different horses during this week. I helped to clear the fields from ragwort, to horse faeces. I also helped to re-fence fields ready for the horses to move into.
Other Experience
12th February 2014 – 20th February 2016 (part time job) Waiter/Server – Coffee Stop Worksop
During work at the Coffee stop I improved my experience with socialising with different people, such as colleges and the public. I also worked as a group and gained good friendship. During this work I had to use skills such as maths, and IT.
11th January – 19th May 2013 (part time job) Receptionist – Dojo, Worksop
During work at the Dojo I improved my confidence with working and socialising with people such as colleges, children and the public. I developed skills in IT and with my maths. I also developed skills with documenting resources such as details about the children and parents.

Current role - description

I am looking for a job to further my experience in the equestrian industry. I have a lot of experience in handling and riding horses but I want to get out there and do this as my job. I currently own a event horse which I am working my way up to compete in my first BE100 with him this year.

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