Helen James-Menard

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  • February 10, 2017
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United Kingdom
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Groom, Head Groom, Yard Manager, Rider, HGV Driver
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Eventing, Hunt, Livery, Riding School
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BHS Stage 1, BHS Stage 2, NVQ
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Experienced, enthusiastic, and conscientious groom with a wide variety of skills and a passion for learning.

Relevant experience

• High standard of turn out for hunt master, BD competitor, showing, and sales preparation:
◦ groom; trim; pull; plait; clip; clean tack, driving harness, and carriage.

• Extensive exercise experience:
◦ lunging, long-reining, hacking alone and in company, schooling, grid work, show
jumping, cross country training, fitness development (including gallop work), driving
single and pairs, cones.

• Comprehensive care capabilities:
◦ sole charge; care of veterans; rehabilitation after sickness or injury; isolation zones;
assisting farriers, vets, dentists, and physiotherapists; breaking to ride and harness.

• Stud yard experience:
◦ care and handling of mares, stallions, foals, and young stock – including cover help.

• Unaffiliated competition experience in wide range of disciplines:
◦ dressage, combined training, cross country, BDS Trec, and showing (working hunter,
mountain and moorland, ROR, palomino, pleasure driving),
◦ organisation of a BD Team Quest team.

• Apprenticeship completed at a riding school where duties included:
◦ customer care, staff supervision, team work, plus teaching riding and horse care.

• Volunteering for local hunts, charities, dressage centres, and at Barbury Horse Trials:
◦ writing for dressage judges at all levels, stewarding and secretarial help at charity rides,
jump judging at hunter trials and team chase competitions (including dress fences).

Current role - description

7 year private employment with hunt master, PSG BD competitor, and pleasure driver.
Varied work caring for 7-11 horses and ponies aged 3-24 years. Duties included turn out,
exercise, yard and paddock duties, plus occasional feeding and sole charge.

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