Hanna Cronje

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  • March 6, 2020
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Experienced, physically strong all-round horse woman.

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I started riding at 7 years of age, and started working in the horse industry after completing a BHS Horsemastership certification course in 1998, in South Africa. It was roughly equivalent to a level 1 Instructors course.
I also attended and obtained an FEI Level 1 coaches course certification in 2007, as well as being accepted to judge lower level dressage in the country of Eswatini.

I have been barefoot trimming our own horses since 2004, and completed an equine dental technician course.
I have worked for a few different types of riding establishments, including 2 stud farms, 3 riding schools, and a tourist trail operation. I have also worked as a freelance horse riding instructor and horse trainer.
We currently own a small stud farm that stands 1 warmblood stallion, brood mares and youngsters of various ages.

I have driven a tractor, and am fairly handy at minor farm repairs pertaining to things like fencing and irrigation.
My equine first aid skills are also reasonable. I can inject IM, SC and IV, and can run an emergency drip. I can stitch in an emergency, and dress and bandage wounds. I understand the need, at times, for around the clock veterinary care.

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Warmblood horse stud owner and manager.


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