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  • August 1, 2016
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My name is Fern Elrick, and I am 20 years of age. I have recently completed a work-based Diploma in Horse Care at Level 2, as a progression from the Level 1 Horse Care and Riding qualification, of which I completed the previous year.
I am now currently seeking employment within the equine industry.

Relevant experience

Harlequin Farm Stables, Kenny Hill, Suffolk
Autumn 2014 – Summer 2016
During my time here, job roles included:
- General yard duties such as turning out / bringing in horses
- Take responsibility of the maintenance and cleanliness of stables (including disinfecting when necessary)
- Exercise the horses (ie: lunge, long rein, ride)
- Groom regularly, including trimming, pulling and plaiting
- Occasional preparation of feeds
- Changing of rugs
- Filling, soaking and hanging of hay nets
- “Poo-picking” paddocks
- Providing clean and fresh water
- Bandaging
- Regular monitoring of horse health and wellbeing (including T.P.R)

In addition to this, I have been assisting friends with caring and exercising their horses, where they have not been able to do so due to personal reasons. This has included; grooming, "poo-picking" fields, providing water, exercising by lunging, long reining and riding, bringing one horse back into work from a period of rest.

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Post-study, seeking employment

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