Emma McDonald

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  • January 18, 2019
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Groom, Head Groom, Yard Manager, Rider, Work Rider, Stable Lad / Lass, Estate Manager, Secretarial / Administrative, Personal Assistant, Public Relations
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Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Hunt, Livery, Racing, Showing, Stud, Dealer, Office, Other, National Hunt
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BHS Stage 1, BHS Stage 2, BHS Stage 3, BHS PTT, BHSAI, NVQ, Degree, Other
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Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex
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My professional experience to date includes working with horses across a variety of disciplines, sport horses, leisure horses, breeding horses, competition horse etc. This experience includes routine daily care and the specialised care of sick and injured animals undergoing rehabilitation programmes and in the care of elderly animals with age related problems. Having dedicated over 20 years of my life, with a strong determination and commitment to the Equine Industry encompassing a variety of disciplines, I can confidently say that I possess first-hand knowledge of many aspects of the horse. I have a variety of practical experience within the equine industry, Showing, Hunting, Racing, Sales Preparation, Show jumping, Eventing, Training and Breeding.

During my academic and working life I have learnt vital skills that I have utilised throughout my career. These include, the ability to work as part of a team or, as an individual, to work on my own initiative, the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, problem solving, good communication skills, written and verbal, good rapport with colleagues, students and clients. I am self-motivated and enjoy seeing tasks through to completion. I take pride in my work and carry it out to a high standard in a timely fashion and I am an excellent time keeper. Working within competition, as well as competing my own horses, I am able to turnout horses to a high presentable standard. I have a reputation for 'knowing' the horses in my care and can spot injuries or changes in behaviour quickly. I have a lot of experience in bringing on green horses and bringing horses back from injury. I also have a knack at bonding with temperamental horses (and challenging students)! I gain a good rapport with my clients and colleagues, as I have a very 'can do' attitude and I am not afraid to get stuck to any job. Having ran establishments, I would never ask anyone to do something that I would not do myself.

I consider myself highly reliable and trustworthy. I am a hard and efficient worker, who is not one to shy away from any tasks. I have years of industry experience in a variety of disciplines. I have established a good rapport with clients, colleagues and students, much of which I believe is due to my positive attitude, patience, understanding and sense of humour. I am well aware that working within this industry is not a nine to five job and rarely are two days the same, so I have always been flexible with working hours and risen to the challenges that come with working in an ever-changing environment.

Current role - description

Study programme leader for Level 3 Equine and Equine Apprentices. Designing schemes of work for the academic year. Teaching various subjects across Level 1 to Level 5 qualifications, to a meet with a various course content. Student age ranges from 14yrs+. Creating and delivering lectures and practical's as required. Grading students. Adapting lessons to meet the individual learners needs. Liaising with parents, schools and other professionals. Preparing students for their industry. Organising study tours, industry trips and liaising with industry professionals.

I also work as a groom-rider for a local Event rider. I primarily work weekends and holidays to help look after and exercise the horses both under his supervision and in his absence.


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