Elizabeth Shabashova

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  • April 3, 2016
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I grew up with my mom's 10 horses that she stabled in the equestrian club in Moscow. Eventually she has one of the biggest Akhalteke stud farm in Moscow and a she used to have sport dressage department where I had a personal dressage trainer 3 times a week and more often before competitions from 8 to 15 y.o. From age 16 I was paid to groom excersise and warm up 6-8 dressage horses. At the same age in 2011 I've go accepted into university and started my studies for 4 years. During my spare time I continued riding. In 2015 I've graduated from university. And after graduation summer 2015 I traveled to France to akhalteke farm near Paris to work as a groom and rider . In November 2015 I visited private Akhalteke horses in England and later on got a job in Ireland. There I had experience of sole charge while owner attended the hospital. In general I had quite a lot of experience of Equine first aid able to do general yard duties + lunging/ground work , prep for and helping at competitions.

Current role - description

Now I'm full time employed as rider and groomer in Sligo, Ireland. I'm working at private yard with British dressage judge and her Spanish stallion. My main duties: grooming schooling traning riding a horse in flat work and dressage movements from the owner's instructions, stable management for 3 horses. And I would be available from the end of May 25-30.

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