Charlotte Dann

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  • April 26, 2020
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United Kingdom
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Groom, Head Groom, Yard Manager, Rider
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Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Hunt, Racing, Stud, National Hunt
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BHS Stage 1, BHS Stage 2, BHS Stage 3, Degree, Other
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Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex
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Experienced Groom seeing work from June 2020.

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I have a wide range of experience with Dressage Horses, Hunters, Point to Pointers and Eventers. In addition, I have supervised colleagues at a horse welfare and rehabilitation centre. I have been in charge of the horses undergoing rehabilitation; this includes skills such as backing, schooling and bringing on a wide range of equines including youngsters and problem horses.

Current role - description

I work as a head groom/yard manager for a yard of 15 horses, we do pre- training of point to pointers and run a yard of hunt horses in the winter, that also do showing and eventing in the summer months. I manage, feeding, fitness, farriers, vets and managing of part time staff. I can turn out to a high standard, clip, plait, mane/tail pull. i take second horses out for masters and huntsman out hunting. I also retrain ROR horses off the track to hunting/eventing roles.

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