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Last Updated: 16th October 2020 (3 months ago)

Personal Information

First name: Charlotte
Last name: Locked
Email Address: Locked

Further Information

CV Headline:

Equine CV

Job Type: Groom, Working Pupil / Apprentice, Rider, Stable Lad / Lass
Type of yard looking to work on: Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Hunt, Livery, Riding School, Showing, Dealer
Relevant Qualifications: BHS Stage 1
Relevant Experience:

Curborough Equestrian Centre – Stablehand
Jan 2019 – Oct 2019
Assisting the yard manager in caring for 50 horses, including handling, cleaning out stalls and dealing with the clients requests and the horses needs, each day being different from the last. As well making sure all facilities are in working order.

Crook cottage livery stables - Stablehand
2011- 2017
Assiting the yard manager with the general yard duties, such as sweeping the yards, maintenance and repair of fencing and yard equipment. Also taking full care of the 23 horses on site which range from turning out, cleaning out stables and grooming. Whilst talking to clients face to face to deal with there needs.
Freelance Groom – College Farm
2017 – 2019
Working on my own, sorting out a range of horses on a yard. Jobs including turn out, bring in, mucking out, cleaning tack and also exercising horses. Being given sole responsibility and also doing my own accounts.

Current Role (Description):

Currently work in subway

Accommodation Required? Yes
Own Your Own Horse? Yes
Do you have any pets? No

Job Type And Location Interested In

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