Aija Pope

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  • June 9, 2016
Job Type
Groom, Head Groom, Rider, Instructor, Work Rider, Public Relations
Type of yard looking to work on
Showjumping, Eventing, Riding School
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CV Headline

Showjumping rider looking for a position in the stable as a groom / rider

Relevant experience

Duties of Current Occupation
Was helping in the stable as more or less everything. I have delivered riding lessons for kids, have worked with disabled, have taken care of horses (clipping, plaiting, banding, taken horses to paddoks and back), have competed up to 130cm.

Equine Work Experience
Ive been around horses since i remember myself. I started as a kid at my grandparents farm, as a 5 year old, i helped with horses and all garden works, which included saddling up the horse for pulling wain and all other things. Then i started working in stable as a kid, who learned how to ride and helped with yard duties and then i started competing, riding stable owners horses and competing with them and thats how i managed to get my first horses to brake in. Before that i was schooled by one of the best brakers in our stable and i continued to brake in horses the same way. And then i bought my own horse and schooled it up to 120cm level.

Im good with working with young horses, since i was the one to brake the young horses in the stable i worked in, in Latvia. Ive prepared my own horse to compete till 120cm level and have participated with other horses up to 130cm. I easiliy find contact with people, including children. i have delivered riding lessons to kids.

Type of Ride Work
Im a showjumper, but i have done 1st class dressage as well, i use dressage basics for schooling young horses, so they would develope themselves in more friendly way.

Competition Details
Been placed in courses up to 120cm, started participating in 130cm clasees last season.

Key Skills
Bandaging; Plaiting; Teaching; TrimPull; StartingBreaking; Competing; Riding; Clipping; DrivingLicense; Exercising; PeopleSkills

Areas of Expertise
ShowJumping; WorkingWithTheDisabled; Flatwork; Dressage; Lecturing; Driving; WorkingWithChildren

Current role - description

Now im a rider in rather small stable in Latvia.

Im working on braking in horses and schooling young ones for open season competitions.

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