Meet the Team!

Posted on May 23, 2018 by Categories: Blog

I wanted to introduce myself, Liz Malpass and my sister Sarah Newell and give you a bit of our riding background…

Our family would be out for a walk along our local disused railway line and there was a large riding stables which backed onto the lines. Mum, Dad and 2 year old me (Sarah wasn’t here yet!) would stand watching the horses grazing and I would proudly declare “I’m riding a horse with a hard hat on. Mum will ride a cow!” Our Mum hated horses at that point, so the family joke has always been she would come out competing on a cow.

I went for my first riding lesson at those same stables as soon as I turned 4 subsequently spending all my time there. Each year I asked for a horse for Christmas or birthdays until one year, I changed tact, and asked for some land because the answer was always that I didn’t have anywhere to keep it. I thought this was very clever which made my disappointment all the deeper when Santa didn’t give me the deeds to a property for my 13th birthday.

During this time Sarah had been born (much to my dismay) and she was also an avid horse lover (much to my parents’ dismay). She began lessons and we spent all our days at the stables. When I was 14 and Sarah 10, I found the first love of my life – Foxy. A beautiful, forward going 4year old appaloosa mix cob. A more perfect first horse couldn’t be found and I competed on her at showjumping, cross country, eventing and dressage. A few years later Sarah got Millie, a fiery little ex-riding school pony who was an absolute nightmare and made Sarah cry more than I ever did, but who she loved dearly!

Sarah and I then found our next love; Polocrosse. Fast paced, competitive, aggressive and VERY social. It was all the things two teenagers could want!

At 21 I moved to London to work in recruitment.

Sarah had found her groove excelling at polocrosse. She won best player on numerous occasions, best pony and played for the UK squad at aged 16. Sarah also captained the Junior Squad at Nationals for many years. An absolute natural at the sport it taught her not only how to be a better, sensitive, purposeful rider. She became the coach for the next generation of players. This then gave her the confidence to go to America teaching polocrosse in a Texas Summer Camp. She came home for a short time but then shot off to New Zealand for a year. Since her return to the UK Sarah has developed a love of Eventing.

A few years later, both settled back in Leicestershire, we have taken over Equine Elite. We are using our experiences to help candidates find their dream jobs. Helping employers find the perfect person for their team so they can concentrate on the horses and to make equestrianism a sustainable industry we can be proud of.

Sarah and I are so passionate about what we do and we want to help you achieve your dreams too!