Employer FAQ’s

How do I pay?
By credit or debit card or by cheque. The advert will only go live once the cheque has cleared.
Will I need to pay Equine Elite any more money after I have found a new member of staff?
If you have chosen either the ‘Essential’ or ‘Standard’ package, then there are no additional fees. There is a competitive placement fee for any placements within the ‘Comprehensive’ package.
Can you help me write an effective advert for my vacancy?
This service comes as standard with the ‘Standard’ and ‘Comprehensive’ packages – we can write and edit an advert for your role to gain maximum exposure of your vacancy.
What happens when my job goes online?
Job Seekers can browse and apply for jobs. Candidates will contact you directly with their CV’s arriving direct to your email inbox.
What type of job seekers do you have on your books?
We have thousands of active job seekers on our books – looking for a wide range of positions – from grooming roles on competition yards in the UK to sales roles in Europe and working holidays further afield.
Can I contact Job Seekers myself?
Yes – when the time your advert is active, if you would like to take a pro-active approach to recruitment, you can download CV’s and contact details of job seekers you think might be suitable for your vacancy. We include up to five free CV’s with the ‘Essential’ package, and ten for the ‘Standard’ package. If you are interested in a job seeker and would like to get in touch with them, send us the reference number to info@equineeliterecruitment.com and we will send you their CV.
If you have not placed an advert with us,  job seeker CV’s are available to purchase. Select ‘Purchase this Job Seeker’s Contact Details’ at the bottom of the job seeker’s profile. This will take you to the payment page, and then you will be able to download the CV and contact the job seeker. Please note, the majority of our clients place a job advertisement. We cannot guarantee that the owner of the CV will want to work for you.
How much checking do Equine Elite do on job seekers?
All applicants should provide you with references on request. It is up to the employer to check this reference and take up other references if required. If you choose the ‘Comprehensive’ package, this will be handled on behalf of the Employer.
Do I have to provide accommodation with the job I’m offering?
No – but providing suitable accommodation will make it easier for you to source staff.
Is Equine Elite obliged to advertise every job registered?
Does Equine Elite guarantee to be able to fill every vacancy registered?
Although we do our best to source suitable candidates for each role registered, unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees.
Does Equine Elite dictate what applicants should be paid?
No – this is up to you to discuss with the candidate. However, we do our best to ensure every vacancy we advertise pays the minimum wage or above and the working hours are within the legal limits.
Does Equine Elite get involved with PAYE and NI contributions?
No, employers are responsible for paying and sorting out employment details.
If a candidate does not work out, what happens then?
All placements in the ‘Comprehensive’ package come with a month-long trial period, within which if you decide the candidate is not right for you, we will endeavour to find you a replacement for no extra cost. Our aim is to place candidates in long-term positions where they will be valued and exceed your expectations.